GV300 Automatic Rubber Roll Groover & Grinder

(300mm in diameter and 3000mm in length) - (11.8 inch in diameter and 9.84 feet in length)

A small grooving machine suitable for those with a requirement to grind specialist rolls. The GV300 provides an edge over the competition by enabling customers to accurately groove and grind rolls, (including cambered profiles) at an affordable price.

The GV Series of Automatic Grooving Machines is an advanced grooving machine supplied complete with a full range of industry standard grooving patterns. The high speed grooving head is mounted on a servo controlled indexing table allowing a fully automatic grooving cycle.

Linear Grooved RollRadial Grooved Roll Diamond Grooved Roll

Extremely simple to use via the touch screen control panel, production profiles can be recalled from memory or quickly loaded from bar code. Operator training requirements are minimal as the fully automatic production is fast, accurate and consistently high quality, first time and every time. The GV300 features a moveable pendant that allows the operator to position the control station anywhere along the traverse range. This allows the operator to have all the controls available within easy reach while at the same time as observing the grinding process, in a safe environment behind a clear macrolon window.

Like HNC’s other machines the GV series can be switched between sixteen different languages at the touch of a button. Each machine is fully automatic and comes complete with a fully enclosed interlocked guarding system and complete dust extraction tube ready to connect to a dust extractor.

For one-off and specialist production scenarios, The GV series can both grind and groove a roll. The integrated controls can grind standard roll profiles with the wheel in the vertical position followed automatically with the groove patterning.  For standard production scenarios, Our RGD Series Duplex Grinder Groover provides a complete end-to-end solution

Take a look at some of the features that The GV Series offers...

  • Simple to use
    • Eliminates the need for highly skilled operators
  • Fast Operation
    • Increases production by up to four-fold
  • Consistent High Quality
    • First time – each time – every time
  • Standard Industry Roll Profiles
    • Grooving:
    • Linear (Horizontal)
    • Radial (Circumferential)
    • Diamond
    • Helix (Spiral)
    • Spreader (Chevron)
    • Herringbone

    • Grinding:
    • Parallel
    • Cambered (Crowned)
    • Taper (Straight Taper)
    • Step taper (Trapezoidal)

    • Plus Customisable Grinding & Grooving Patterns

  • Language & Regional Options
  • Cost Efficient Pricing
  • Worldwide Back-up and Service Support from HNC

GV300 Series - options

  • Automatic Balance system
    • This allows the operator balance the grinding wheel to sub micron levels at the touch of a button.
  • Bar code reader
    • This allows the operator the ability to recall preset programs by scanning a barcode on the roll or from a printed job card.
  • Customised Profile Programming
    • The GV Series of machines can be pre-programmed with complex and specialist Roll Profiles

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