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Calibration & Correction
With everyday usage, your machine tool will lose its accuracy due to level, squareness, and positioning changes. This has a direct impact on the quality of your product, the efficiency of your processes and your ability to satisfy ISO standards. The challenge is to ensure that your machines are up to the job.

One of the most critical factors in any machine tool maintenance program is knowing your machine's level of accuracy and tolerances. Your machine tool should be level, flat, and square in all axis, mechanically adjusted to acceptable tolerances, and any linear error should be corrected to original specifications including documentation certifying the accuracy of the machine.

HNC have many years of experience with laser calibration, laser alignment, and ball bar analysis on an extremely large variety of machine tools. Regardless of the manufacturer we can align, calibrate and and give you “as new” precision for all of your machine tools.

From simple two axis lathes to very large gantry machines, HNC calibration & correction will help assure your machine performs within specifications and can add years to the life of your machine. It also minimises scrap and rework of product due to poor machining accuracy.

We use our own recently purchased Renishaw ML10 Gold calibration Laser, now acknowledged as the worlds most accurate laser calibration system. It allows us to measure the capability of your machines, and derive compensations to improve their performance. Our engineers then make the required adjustments within the software to reprecision the tool.

When more fine tuning is required, HNC can perform all the necessary mechanical & electrical/electronic adjustments necessary to optimise your machine tool, regardless of the manufacturer. In extreme cases we can even rebuild the total geometry by refurbishment of your machine.

“Machine tool alignment and calibration issues don't go away,
they get worse creating more problems and significant downtime.
HNC delivered an excellent quality of service

Structured Maintenance & Calibration
HNC are operating structured maintenance for our clients by performing regular scheduled machine "health checks", using the laser system. This analysis allows continuous determination of the current production capability of individual machines.

By performing regular checks and recording levels of wear, the projected operational life of a machine tool can be determined. Refurbishment or replacement can therefore be budgeted for.

HNC can prepare a scheduled laser alignment and calibration programme to suit your routine maintenance calendar. Your return on investment would be immediate and maintenance costs diminish

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