RG200 Sprint MK II Automatic Rubber Roll Grinders

Fast and effective production of smaller rubber rollers.

The RG200 Sprint Mk II is an Advanced Roll Grinder designed and manufactured in the UK with the very highest standards of build quality.

Specifically designed to suit roll manufacturers with standard or straightforward specification requirements, The Sprint provides an edge over the competition by enabling manufacturers to accurately grind rolls, (including cambered profiles) at a very affordable price.

The RG200 Sprint Mk II has enhanced capabilities over the original design. With a stable compact footprint, it is perfectly suited for the grinding of smaller rolls up to 250mm in diameter and 1250mm in length.

Like all RG Series machines, the Sprint features a high speed grinding spindle, enabling the use of the latest tungsten carbide grinding wheels. This results in much higher rubber removal rates and faster production. The Sprint’s innovative control systems and upgraded grinding wheel technology can produce surface finishes close to, or superior to, what can be achieved with slower standard stone or vitrified wheel grinders.

A Grinder for Printing - A Grinder for All

Originally designed for rubber roll manufacturers supplying the printing industry, the advances included in the Sprint Mk II make it a highly cost effective solution for more efficient and better quality production across a standard range of roll specifications.

The RG200 comes with a full range of profiles to grind the following types of rolls

Parallel | Camber (Crowned) | Taper (Straight Taper) | Step Taper (Trapezoidal)
Vertical Groove | End Face Grinding
Touch Screen Control HNC Advanced Roll Grinders HNC Advanced Roll Grinders

Extremely simple to use via the touch screen control panel, production profiles can be recalled from memory. Operator training requirements are minimal as the fully automatic production is fast, accurate and consistently high quality, first time and every time. The RG200 Sprint has a fixed position operator console with the same user friendly graphical interface as all the RG range machines. The operator has all the controls available within easy reach while at the same time as observing the grinding process, in a safe environment behind a clear macrolon window.

Like HNC’s other machines the RG200 can be switched between sixteen different languages at the touch of a button. Each machine is fully automatic and comes complete with a fully enclosed interlocked guarding system and complete dust extraction tube ready to connect to a dust extractor.

Take a look at some of the features that The RG200 Mk II offers...

  • Affordable Price
  • Simple to use
    • Eliminates the need for highly skilled operators
  • Fast Operation
    • Increases production by up to four-fold
  • Consistent High Quality
    • First time – each time – every time
  • Standard Industry Roll Profiles
    • (including cambered (Crown) profiles)
  • Language & Regional Options
  • Worldwide Back-up and Service Support from HNC

RG200 Sprint Mk II - options

  • Custom Profile Programming
    • The RG Series of machines can be pre-programmed with complex and specialist Roll Profiles
  • Custom Build Options
    • The RG200 Sprint Custom  is available as a customised build to suit any specific requirement
  • HNC Connect
    • Worldwide remote control and diagnosis support from HNC

HNC’s range of Roll Grinders and Groovers extends capability and capacity in both length and roll diameter. Duplex Grinders and Groovers make manufacture of complex shape and groove patterns a one-touch operation. Even with highly complex requirements HNC’s roll grinders provide the solution. From loading the blank, all operations including preparation, profile grinding, pattern grooving and finishing are all handled by the machine.

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