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Automatic Rubber Roll Grinders & Groovers

Advance Roll Building Technology

World Leading Quality Engineering

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Welcome to HNC Roll Grinders

World leaders in Advanced Rubber & Composite Roll Manufacture

HNC Automatic Roll Grinders and Groovers have been developed to enable fast, fully automatic machining of rubber and composite rolls. Set up is quick and easy for any roll profile and pattern. A "load once" philosophy and simple user controls eliminate the need for highly skilled machinists.

The product range has machines suitable for roll production from small precision rollers for the print industry up to very large diameter conveyor rollers used in mining and quarrying. Each series has a range of options available to enhance production management and maximise productivity. HNC can also custom build any machine to customer specifications or bespoke requirements.

HNC however, is not just about selling you a machine. We stand behind our products and support our customers globally with advice, expertise, assistance and reliable support when it's needed.


Advanced Automatic Roll Grinding Machines supplied complete with a full range of industry standard roll profiles.

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Advanced servo controlled Grooving Machines with with a full range of fully automatic grooving profiles.

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Advanced Automatic Roll Grinding, Grooving & Finishing in a single setup Duplex machine.

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Advanced Roll Grinding attachments to turn a standard manual lathe into a roll grinding machine.

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HNC Support

Our Approach

Our fundamental business strategy is building long-term client relationships. We have attracted and retained clients by providing superior product quality and customer support. Over 95 percent of our work is repeat business or recommendation from satisfied clients.

Our Core skills combine all aspects of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Software Programming. Our research & Development in the field of rubber and composites roll manufacture is unequalled.

Our Core values are a no-nonsense approach to dealing with customers and a primary objective of making the quality and reliability of our finished product paramount.

Our customers can always deal directly with an engineer who has knowledge and expertise to deal with any query. With HNC Connect, machine functions can be monitored, diagnosed and corrected or updated. It’s like having your own HNC engineer on-site!