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HNC Automatic Rubber Roll Grinders

HNC’s range of Advanced Roll Grinder and Duplex Grinding & Grooving machines have been designed and built in the UK with the very highest standards of build quality, specifically for the purpose of fast and effective production rubber rollers.

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HNC automatic rubber roller grinder’s have been developed around a simple user interface to enable easy set up for fast, fully automatic machining of rolls. Set up is quick and easy for simple to complex roll profiles and grooving patterns eliminating the need for highly skilled machinists.

Our product range has machines suitable for roll production from 1.25metres (RG200 Sprint) to over 6metres (RG600).  A range of optional extras to maximise productivity and production management are available. HNC however, is not just about selling you a machine. We stand behind our products and support our customers with advice, expertise, assistance, and reliable support and backup when it's needed.

Touch Screen Control HNC Advanced Roll Grinders HNC Advanced Roll Grinders Touch Screen Control Touch Screen ControlTouch Screen Control

You will be able to reliably produce at consistently high quality to specification with minimal human error. You won’t need to depend on expensive highly skilled operators . HNC automatic Roll Grinders ensure repeatable quality production as simply as the creation of unique one-off jobs

Take a look at some of the features that The RG range offers...

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HNC Automatic Rubber Roll Grinders

Automatic Operation

HNC Automatic Rubber Roll Grinders

Simple Interface

HNC Automatic Rubber Roll Grinders

Manual Control

HNC Automatic Rubber Roll Grinders

Bar Code Operation

HNC Automatic Rubber Roll Grinders

Remote Programming

For more details about any of our Automatic Roll Grinders, Grinder Groovers, Retrofit and Custom engineering, or to make an enquiry, please contact Us Alternatively you can contact us direct on 01422 360607.