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HNC Three Roll Builder
Advanced roll builders for making rollers from calendered rubber sheet

HNC’s range of 3RB Three Roll Builders are designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for making steel core rollers from calendered rubber sheet. The 3RB is very easy to operate and offers fast and efficient batch production of small and medium size rubber rolls.

The 3RB is available for roll diameters up to 3500 mm (13.778 in) lengths up to 2m (6.56 ft). The 3RB features a pneumatic arm which is fully protected for operator safety by an interlocked light curtain. Each machine is also features interlinked foot controls.

An advanced feature, unique to the 3RB is integrated diameter measurement. Roll diameters are continuously measured and parameters integrated into the advance control system. HNC’s advanced automatic controls both simplify operation and provide additional features including variable and preset build diameters, automatic diameter control with automatic stop, and integrated polythene or paper take-up.

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Rapid, high quality production of Finished rolls

With advanced automatic operation, roller production capacity is increased without compromising quality. Finished product quality is improved by eliminating air entrapment and de-lamination typically associated with alternative production methods. Waste is reduced through advanced overbuild control. The process is concluded with cure tape wrapping and finished rollers ready for autoclave curing.

Supported worldwide and backed by HNC Connect. HNC’s Three Roll Builders can significantly improve production capabilities and save costs.

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3RB Roll Builder

Advanced roll builders for rolls up to 2m

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Advanced Control

HNC's Advanced Automatic Production Control system

3RB Custom

HNC can design, build or modify machines to suit any size or specific requirements.